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The #1 podcast for crypto natives to learn about new concepts, trends and projects in blockchain, DeFi, NFTs and Web 3.

Jason Choi (@mrjasonchoi) goes deep into the technology and economics behind crypto projects to dissect trends and themes in a global context.

Strictly not financial advice.

Aug 30, 2018

Richard Burton is one of the most interesting people I've met in crypto. After spending some time at Ethereum and Stripe, he's now building Balance - a crypto wallet app and the first step of many towards creating a crypto bank. We chat about:

  • Ethereum as a Supreme Court for crypto
  • The 1 word missing from Coinbase's...

Aug 21, 2018

In this exciting episode, I chat with Anthony Apollo, Universe Architect of Cellarius, a project backed by ConsenSys that's trying to crowdsource a dystopian Star Wars-like story on the blockchain. We chat about:

  • Copyright in open source storytelling
  • How the community votes on a story
  • How creators will collaborate to...

Aug 13, 2018

In this episode, I chat with Kevin Owocki, founder of Gitcoin - an platform where teams/projects like ConsenSys, Ethereum, Metamask can pay bounties in cryptocurrency to fund open source work. We discuss:

  • Challenges facing open source work
  • Why Gitcoin chose ETH as its native asset
  • Why Gitcoin refused to raise an...

Aug 6, 2018

I chatted with Jill Carlson, an independent contractor who's worked with projects such as 0x and Tezos, about strategic issues facing crypto projects, including:

  • Pitfalls in managing reserves
  • Recruiting and contracting in crypto 
  • Different governance models for crypto projects

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