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Jason Choi (@mrjasonchoi) goes deep into the technology and economics behind crypto projects to dissect trends and themes in a global context.

Strictly not financial advice.

Jun 14, 2022

Total crypto market cap is now less than $1 trillion. Bitcoin and Ethereum are currently trading near their 2018 all-time highs. Where do we go from here?


In this episode, CIO of Selini Capital, Jordi Alexander shares with us:

  • What market stage are we at and how long it’ll last
  • Can Bitcoin ever break its previous ATH of $70k
  • Indicators to navigate this market


Host: Jason Choi @mrjasonchoi . Not financial advice.


------------ Timestamps -------------

(00:00:00) – Introduction

(00:02:12) – Current Stage of Crypto Market

(00:04:06) – Black Swan Events

(00:06:00) – Drawn Out vs Short-Term Bear Market

(00:08:01) – Crypto Market’s First Recessionary Environment

(00:10:56) – Signs of Market Reversal

(00:13:51) – Bitcoin as Inflation Hedge 

(00:19:30) – Terra’s Impact On Crypto Market

(00:23:41) – Can Bitcoin Ever Break $70K

(00:25:54) – Indicators to Navigate this Market

(00:29:06) – Is Bitcoin still the Bell-Weather for Crypto Market


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